One of our most important roles is to encourage people in pain and afraid of moving, to become active.
We do this by teaching how important keeping active is, education is an amazing thing and once someone knows how important it is to do something and how it may benefit them, they are more inclined to try. Also we may need to help them get over their fear, fear avoidance is such a big thing and largely unconscious driven so it is particularly hard to retrain ones thinking in regard to keeping active when it may not be so easy. Having a person with appropriate knowledge guiding your rehab and providing reassurance has a lot to do with creating a positive outcome.

For people in chronic pain this is especially important, we tend to forget how important it is to keep going when all we feel like doing is staying in bed, but the extra effort we put into being active goes a long way in keeping us as healthy as we can be.
Motivation in this situation can help tremendously and as a physio to be, I look at this trait as one of the cornerstone attributes a physio must have and something I must never forget to use, I keep this alive and healthy by using it on myself everyday to get out of bed and start the day!

Keeping active makes for healthy lives and happy people who are able to be an active contributing participant in our society.

Lets be Active-for Life!