So "one of my numerous falls" last week has created additional, well I suppose I call them 'additional question marks'. They are things I'm not too sure if I should be concerned about or whether just to wait for them to get better and go away...

I fell down the hard med library stairs because silly me let someone else use the handrail. I am starting to wonder if I am ever going to learn or if I am just going to continue doing this till well till I cant do stairs anymore.

I have an amazing bruise over my ischial tuberosity, looks just like I have drawn with purple and black vivid on myself, I haven't seen such an intense colour in a bruise for a very long time-what a shame its in a place I cant show it off. Down side is, I am having a hard time sitting, walking, turning over in bed and bending down to do things, stretching and pressure are big no no's and creating their own set of problems.

And the next thing is rather disconcerting (and embarrassing too)...everytime I have been sitting down and go to get up, I feel like I am all wet, you know like I have wet my pants or something! Honestly I haven't, but it feels horrible and I have to keep checking to make sure it's not real as it feels so weird. I'm not sure what to do about this if anything, I guess it will come right, its signs of nerve involvement of some kind I suspect but whether its something I need to get checked out, I have no idea!

Things are certainly fun at the moment and thats for real.


Lisa Moon said...

Oh, you poor thing! I have to admit, I used Google to confirm just what an ischial tuberosity is, although I had a suspicion...

Perhaps see how it is in the next day or two, but mention to a doc if not getting better quickly?

The concerning part would be that wet sensation... when there's nerves involved it's not overreacting for us, I think!

And I understand about automatically doing things which are no longer ideal with CRPS. Like yesterday, I did more walking than I "should" have and am now paying for it. But it's so hard to 'learn' when you're young but have had a lifetime of being able, so it takes some considerable adjustment to automatically think of oneself otherwise.

Remember to be gentle with yourself as we all must!

You must be gearing up for your exams now, yes?

Elizabeth McClung said...

I agree with Lisa about getting that looked at. But your comment about feeling like you peed yourself is very familiar, I really think I have had that before, and it is driving me crazy trying to place it.

Ahh, I placed it, it is a side effect of certain metals in your blood which cause that feeling, you are certain you are wet, but you are not - it occurs after some medical tests. Though this is probably nerves, I wonder if healing is producing an excess of that particular substance? Sorry just brain storming.

Tough Cookie said...

Hi, love! I FINALLY updated my blog. It's been awhile! The wet sensation is a very real symptom. My friend Olivia has it, too. And with RSD, our capillaries burst leading to huge bruises from a little bump.

I've missed you tons! You are in my thoughts. Don't forget to put those feet up and relax when you can.

Alessea said...

I finally updated...thanks for all your messages!