So, the interview was scary, I was so nervous and I could even hear it in my voice!
They asked a specific set of questions and I tried to answer as best as I could, remembering everything that I had gone over in my head beforehand. I wish I didn't have such a shocking memory-I came out and couldn't remember if I even said that physio's need to have good communication skills! I hope that I did say it though. Several times I answered the next question while answering the previous one that they asked, so I hope that is a good sign, I dont know really though.
It was nice to see how everybody got all dressed up for their interviews though-made me wish that we had more occasion to, everybody looked so smart!

I have no idea how the interview went-I am not too sure that I did ok and we do not get told. I will have to wait till I think its the 22nd or 23rd of December to find out if I get offered a place-and that is still dependant on if I pass this semester's exams at the required level which I hope to find out before the end of November.

My second semester exams are now all over and such a relief it is too! I had 4 this semester in 8 days and the last 3 in the space of 4 days so I am so very tired now that they are done, I just hope and pray that I did well enough to still hope for a place in physio school. Realistically I dont expect to get offered a place first round as so many people apply for all of the professional courses available. I am hoping though that when they have chosen their first choices (things like med and dent) that I will then get offered a place on second rounds-all my fingers and toes are crossed!
Number 3 (pass second semester) is comming, we have our exams starting in less than 2 weeks BUT....

I am so happy, for some reason I really thought I was going to miss out or they would muck up and not offer me one or something.

Yesterday my friend was over and she helped me decide on what to wear, I had to see if I could wear my nice black shoes as I havent worn anything but my trainers for the last ummmm....well since Feb 2006 so thats 20 months!

My orthotics have been changed since then so I was worried they wouldn't fit but the do so I'm pretty all set-even have a set of clothes for warm weather and one for cold weather-how organised is that.

Bring it on I say-inbetween stressing over what they are going to ask!