I hate old buses.

I still look like a child (both bus driver's were surprised when I said that I actually wanted an adult fare please, not the child one they were offering).

I helps to turn on the stove if you want to cook something.

I also helps to turn down the right stove plate when the pot is continuing to boil over (turning on the one beside it that has nothing on it and then turning it down doesn't count and getting frustrated about it doesn't help either).

You cant cook apples in the freezer.

Orange juice in mashed potatoes is probably not a good idea.

You actually have to pull down some clothes before sitting on the loo (and yes I did realise before it was too late thankfully).

My first exam actually starts at 2.30pm not 9.30am on Wednesday, if a friend hadn't told me today I would have been very early lol!

I think I am still over tired...and anyway that is more than enough learning for one day!
So sometimes its good to listen to advice (and like all those warning signs your body is giving you...)

You guessed it right?

I'm sure you can all tell this story is going to end up in ED...like all good stories lol.

So I have been pushing myself lately, with exams coming I've been feeling like I need to step up the pace a bit. Got to Wednesday and I felt totally exhausted to the point where I didnt even care if I missed my exams and my head felt so empty. The girls invited me to go up to the pool with them to relax in the spa and I decided to go. Well I knew I wouldn't get any study done and figured the relaxing would help me sleep a bit better since I havent been sleeping well lately because of the pain.

We spent some nice time in the spa and then its time to go home, it was decided to take the lift down to the ground floor rather than the stairs (good job too) and apparently on the way down I collapsed, bouncing off one of the girls before hitting the deck.

I didnt come round to my name or being tapped or anything apparently and the pool medic had to be got, it was good that I wasnt actually dying as apparently his equipment wasn't the best! He decided after a few minutes that an ambulance needed to be got (I do see that they had no choice really).
I was dead to the world, literally...the ambulance officer stuck me with IV's, apparently it fell out but I have the holes and brusing to prove it lol, and also stuck an oropharyngeal airway in-all with no pain response (and I HATE IV's) or gag reflex I was that unconscious. I got told they were pretty impressed! (A typical faint can get you pretty bad service from the Ambo's). They worked out that I must have been out for over half an hour before I started to come to just as we were getting to hospital.

I got told that they were ok with me, sort of took note of the fact that care needed to be taken of my foot but it was hard to get me out of the lift an unconscious dead weight, and the doctor in ED was nice even though she was very firm about a few things.

I'm ok I guess, feel pretty shattered still and really sorry for causing so much trouble but I am so MAD! I have been told I am not allowed to drive-so that means no scooter to uni, until I am cleared by neurology. Whenever that may be, I just have to wait for an appointment.
Its kinda scary but I'm sure it was just because I am so tired and my brain just switched off since I wasn't listening to it but all the same it wasnt a very good time to loose my independence.

I just hope I make it through the next few weeks and then I will be able to recharge my dead battery.
Its the last week of class before this years final exams...I have my first (Anatomy) starting on the 15th of October and I will be all done by 1pm on the 4th of November.
I cant quite believe that I am at the end of my second year already, time has gone by so fast and I have to say I am really proud that I have made it to this point. My OT came to see me the end of last week and he said how great it was because at one point we weren't sure that I really would be able to get this far.

I'm scared about my exams but this is ok. Its better to be a bit scared about exams than being too confident (although I was so confident and actually stopped studying for one of my chemistry exams a few years back and ended up getting 98% however that works).

I am studying as much as I am able, though yesterday I freaked a bit and didnt take any breaks apart from lunch so when I finally got home for dinner I was knackered and couldn't do anything more. Today I am going to be more responsible and pace myself a bit.

Oh and I got my second to last assignment back yesterday with a grade of 83.5% (marks ranged from 44-90%)

(hope I dont sound like I'm bragging cos I'm not...its just I feel so happy about it I have to share lol)
I'm not getting very far with my study so I've come to the conclusion that the human body has too many complicated structures (since I've spent all weekend doing or at least trying to learn anatomy) and we need to get rid of some of these muscles...do you think anyone would notice?