I'm not having such a great time just now, still got all the symptoms from last weeks drama and its annoying to say the least (not being able to pee when I feel I need to is rather uncomfortable, and dont even mention the feeling like I have wet myself lol).

I had a practical test this afternoon and because of all the other things happening I cannot focus on much at all and my short term memory is even worse if that is possible!
I totally screwed up the first half-I think I even invented a new name for a part of the human body and I am surprised I didn't cry right there in front of the examiner...what makes it worse though is I have been practicing and knew what I was doing, something happened that made me completely forget everything I knew right when it mattered the most.
I think I did slightly better in the next half and hope that this will bring my grade up to a hopeful pass. If not I shouldn't fret, it wasn't worth overly much and shows that I need a strategy in place for this kind of thing. I have about 3 weeks to sort myself out because final exams are that close!


Lisa Moon said...

Oh, dear. Sorry to hear you had such a rough time of it! I've noticed I often have trouble with word retrieval - just cannot seem to say the word that should be on the end of my tongue. Frustrating! I thought it was the meds at first but, upon further investigation it is actually directly caused by the CRPS!

I agree with you about needing to find strategies for these times. I have a friend who suffered a brain injury in an accident; she said she was taught to 'talk through it' by kind of describing what she means, even if she can't say the word. People often understand what you mean and don't even realise you had a spot of trouble!

However, I suspect in an exam they want the actual word! DO let me know what strategies you come up with! I still am considering returning to school in the near future and so I file away each experience I can learn from you - and from Maria! So thank you for sharing. :)