That is what I have been advised to do, I wonder if he thinks I will?

I went to my follow up appointment with the orthopaedic surgeons and it went how I expected it would. Just see how things go and everything should be fine soon. I'm not too fussed on the young registrar's idea of a neuro examination, he said the strength in my legs was fine and I know very well they are weak but that's nothing to get hooked up on.

He tried to get me to stand on my right foot barefoot and only when I proved I couldn't did he come round and help me out. I'm sure I may have in my write up "difficult to assess due to inability to comply with examination" but in all honesty how am I supposed to walk on my heals and then my toes in barefeet when I displayed that I could hardly walk let alone be fancy about it.
All visible bruising has gone but I am still very tender and walking, sitting etc are still quite painful as well as still having the horrible feeling of wetness.
The verdict was that I probably bruised the hell out of everything and it will take a few weeks to settle down but I am assured it will soon. But if things start to get worse I'm to go back and see them as they want to keep an eye on me.

I'm still getting over just how nice everyone is being to me, the nurses, the doctors, even the consultant asked me how I was on my way out. I'm so used to having to justify myself that I cant believe how caring they can be in the public system. So now all I do is wait and hope that they are right and things settle down soon-fingers crossed.


Lisa Moon said...

OH, do I ever understand the part about justfying yourself! Trying to explain how severe the pain is when you look 'so normal' is no picnic, nor is getting people to understand that this pain is not like when they have a headache which goes away or something.

Taking it easy? That sounds useful; as if we all have nothing better to do that to sit around...

Still, I hope you're starting to feel better from that fall and are feeling good (as you should!) about your exams.

Take care of yourself,