Last weekend was the last time I will see my best friend for probably a good 2 years :(
She is flying out to London 3 days before my final exam so I am going to miss catching her before she goes and I am sad.
But instead of dwelling on that thought, we spent our last day watching movies (and sharing tears over some parts) and then going out to dinner at a nice place that does good deserts (I've always been a sweets person). The last time we went there together was just before she flew out to Japan for a 6 month period and it has now become our restaurant of choice for such occasions.
We have been best friends for a long time and even though our paths are so different now, we are still there for each other and even though sometimes the communication is a bit dodgy (I find it hard to find the time to call etc and half the time when I do she is out!) we know we can always count on each other just as we always have done.

I am going to miss her, infact-in a way I already do and she is still in the country and I think that has had an impact on this weeks pain levels. Once I get over the grief I feel just now I think I will start to get back on my feet but for now I am accepting that emotions have an effect on our pain levels.

These are some of our ( crazy photo poses from our last night...


Lisa Moon said...

It looks like you're both having a great time! Lovely photos - I'm left guessing which is you and which is your friend!

Very important point you make about our emotions affecting our pain levels. To those who don't know better, they might be inclined to assume this means the pain is 'in our heads' when really, as I see it, the mind and body are both so intimately connected as to be inseperable.

You've got me thinking more about my emotions and pain levels - thinking is always good in my books. Good job, thanks! :)

Alessea said...

Lisa I'm the one in the blue! Emotions take up so much of our energy that we would normally use to cope with pain. When we are having to deal with emotional/stressful situations, our pain levels rise because we cant deal with them as effectively. I know thats why I had such a bad week last week, this, on top of big assignment and also the whole female thing and several falls was a recipe for disaster lol.

Glad to hear I am getting you thinking, I love thinking and am going to start on a wee series that may get you thinking some more too!