First day back at uni and things weren't going so well.

I couldn't wear the pair of shoes I was going to wear, luckily another pair felt marginally better.

I left important information that I had specifically searched for behind at home-second bad thing.

I couldn't sit still in class this whole morning and had to remove the offending shoe as soon as I sat down.

By the time physio balance program appointment came around I was limping badly...

I freaking FELL OVER during the first 5 minutes of physio (so maybe I should be more honest about pain from now on...)

That was the end, tears poured forth and life was temporarily not worth living.
I was in so much pain I was useless and so frustrated that I was wasting a whole physio session.

Lovely physio came to the rescue...she found me a mirror so I could "compose" myself (no I am not vain, it was to do some mirroring to calm the pain down a bit) and then we rescheduled for in two weeks time, this time a morning appointment so should hopefully fare better.

I came home early as we don't have specific labs this week and I was not able to think about the assignment I was supposed to be getting on with.

Day starts to get better....

I get a letter in the post from my med student friend with a special gift : )

I get to chat with a friend in the States who also has RSD and we talk about random things to take my mind off everything, sometimes all we need to do is be able to talk to someone who understands without feeling guilty that we are forever complaining.

Oh the joys of life


Lisa Moon said...

Oh, my dear... I could have written this myself, save the specifics of place. I have started using a cane this past spring, which helps me with the falling over issue, but I still feel a little self-conscious about it at times.

Shoe "issues"? Yep, I have those, too. Falling over is never fun and I have shed more than anyone's fair share of tears over missed transit buses, thoughtless shoppers who bump into me (causing much pain) and so much more.

There are always better days and I wish you very many of them. :)

Lisa Moon said...

Uh, and not to sound totally foolish, but what day does school/your week start in NZ? I DO realise there's a time zone to consider...

Our schools' new year begins today, which is Sept. 2 here... it is the day after our Labour Day holiday (which occurs the first Monday of each Sept.). Schools run Sept. through June (earlier ending for colleges and universities).

PS This is where I live:

Saanich (san-itch) is part of the City of Victoria, province of British Columbia, Canada. :)

End of today's geography sharing lesson!

Alessea said...

Lisa-isn't it funny (or not) how we all experience the same kind of things.
I am NOT going to ever use a cane or anything, apart from the fact that I vowed after my 5 month stint after hip surgery never to use them again, I think that the physio school would kick me out and never wish to seek eyes on me again. I must never give them cause to do that.

You don't sound foolish at all, the time differences continue to confuse me.
So here in NZ we are GMT+12 hours...

Christchurch where my family lives is north of Dunedin, but both in the South Island.
Thought I'd share too ;)

We go Monday to Friday (except this week I have a Sunday lab!?) because of the time difference we are almost a day ahead of you.

Schools start around the end January/beginning of Feb and finish mid December.

University starts end of Feb and finishes early/mid November depending on final exams.

So after this week I only have 5 weeks of lectures left before exam time-ekk I have some serious study to get on with!

Lisa Moon said...

Ahh, it was the Sunday lab that confused me - how odd, I thought!

Yes, I suppose it wouldn't look right to have a PT using a cane. Also, I think that they don't take a good view of the use of mobility aids often? For me, it's made a big difference in being a little less pained and a little more mobile, so I use it (but really kinda hate it!).

I did roughly know where Christchurch as my mom was rather fascinated some years ago with travelling to NZ. I understand the climate is quite similar to Vancouver Island, where I live. And I do believe you are just headed into your sping, while we are entering autumn.

Isn't it all quite fascinating?!