So, we have been doing 'hips' in classes the last 2 weeks, anatomy is fine-I knew quite a lot already lol. Lectures are interesting, I was especially happy to hear labral tears were big enough to be mentioned as possible hip pathology-no FAI but at least its a start right?
But when it came to practical labs I started having problems...
Last week I let my partner have my left (supposedly good un-operated hip) hip to practice on, it wasn't too happy and the quadrant test was the last straw. It still hurts a week later.
So this week I thought I would give it a rest and let my partner use my right (surgically now 'good' hip) hip instead. First comes me being embarrassed over how little ROM I have, both passive and active (um like not even 90 degrees active flexion...) so I mutter something about having to get back to work on it. Then she does some lateral transverse glide accessory movements and I begin to wonder on the wisdom of letting anybody touch it after all. Trade-in anyone?

This probably sounds trivial, but for a while now I've been getting really stiff as the day goes on, and start getting pain round my right hip joint and down my anterior/medial thigh to my knee. This seems different from the hyperalgesic patch but I've haven't really taken much notice. It is also slightly different from the FAI pain-well at least that is what I'm telling myself.

Is this the osteoarthritis that was noted, coming to catch me already? Or just a case of paranoid physio student diagnosing self with the pathology of the day syndrome-lol!