Here is a little poem thing I thought up today when I was sick of study...

Bright as the day she dances into the room
Instantly the air is lightened with a sweet fragrance I cannot name
She floats past me though I do not catch her shadow
I wonder who sent her and how long she will stay.

Gazing through half open eyes, I catch a glimpse
The sparkle of her smile and the rosy glow of her cheeks warm me
She is a happy thing without a care in the world
How my spirit welcomes her gift of hope in life

As I lay here, her warmth slowly increases
I bask in this happiness she is showering so generously
Her power to awaken me is fascinating
I hope she will whisper the secret to me.

Is she calling my name? I start to get restless
I question out loud, yearning to know, but her words are softer than wind
Though I cannot hear, I feel in my heart uplifted
I promise to her that her gift will be treasured.