My foot regularly turns purple/grey and I'm quite used to that but recently its abnormal appearance has been added to...

I HAVE CHILBLAINS! and every time I semi get rid of one lot I get more again. At the moment I think I have them on all but one of my toes on my crps foot AND IT DOES NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT : (

Its making shoes even harder than usual to wear at the moment as they rub all my poor swollen toes and the skin is so thin and dry some parts are starting to bleed on me. Its just so cold here I don't think I can help it, I think my hydro placement didn't help as I was going from freezing cold to a very warm pool. I cant wear proper socks, just the little ones that don't go over your ankle-not the best attire for winter but what can you do.
I'm looking forward to them going away for good-hurry up warmer weather please!


Tough Cookie said...

Isn't it awful when you can't even wear the shoes or socks you want or NEED! I often can't wear socks, and sometimes, I can't even bear the weight and tightness of a shoe :-( Not good for winter months!

Lisa Moon said...

When I'm especially sore, the only shoes I can tolerate are Crocs - you know, those really colourful, gardening clogs, often with holes in them? Mine are actually a different brand which are even softer foam. They are quite spongey, so I find them quite protective for my foot.

Also, there are socks being made now without elastic in them (sometimes called diabetic socks). These might be more tolerable as they are not so tight and will stretch more easily over owwie areas.

For warmth, I also have a pair of furry boots (one popular brand is Ugg, but mine are much cheaper :) ). They are lined with lamb's wool fleece, so both pads the foot and gives it warmth. Quite a loose fitting boot, I find them good when I don't want a runner laced up, say.

I hope this is of some help to you.


Lisa Moon said...

PS I found you via Maria and, like her blog, I'm so grateful to read about what's going on for you. In fact, I've been inspired to try my own hand at blogging... though I'm afraid so far most of my posts seem rather... unhappy? I'm working on that.

Thanks for blogging!

Alessea said...

I totally understand Maria, its winter here at the moment and we are having really wet cold weather and I have to continually take off my shoes and roll up my trousers because they are anoying me so much but then I'm getting really cold.

A while back I talked to my Mum about sheepskin lined ugg boots so I rang her up and asked if she would try and get me some-I hope I can bear to wear them!

Life is certainly not dull when you have to live with RSD lol.

Nicola said...

You poor thing, I have some good chillblain cream from natural plants etc & will find it in the morning and email you the name - have you tried many creams?

You have so much going on ***Hugs to you*** & am sending an email you way!

Alessea said...

Nikki I'd be really interested in that cream please, I've tried a few the best one is actually for insect bites and such like lol!

Looking forward to my email :)