Once again I find myself being reminded to be patient. Why is nothing ever a simple fix?
I so very want to be steady on my feet, to not need to watch every step I take...that I forget how much hard work it will take to get me there.

My appointment at the balance clinic went well, I have 4 exercises to do but according to very detailed instructions from my rsd physio, I am to start by only doing them once a week till we know they don't cause pain flare ups. I was supposed to say as soon as my foot pain increased substantially but I wasn't totally truthful-if I had, I would never have got past standing with my shoes off.
Because this is to challenge both my proprioception and vestibular system it is best to do them in bare feet but as soon as I stand with no shoes on the pain gets really worse so I just pretended as best I could that I was fine.
I got 4 things to work on, they are all really quite easy things but its amazing how hard I found them to do, I was really frustrated with myself at points, with just how difficult I found it to comply!

After my appointment I started feeling really weird and dizzy and shaky and my head was pounding, I don't know why-whether it was the balance stuff or just random but I ended up fainting in my class that was after the appointment. I am so disappointed with myself over this...I have been trying so hard not to have anything happen during classes, in fact I was half out the classroom door when it happened (so rather embarrassing as well). If only I had got to the bathroom before keeling over, then no-one would ever have known. As it is, the undergrad dean came in and found out (she would have anyway since the class and lab tutor saw) and I felt so bad, I really don't need to give them any more reason to tell me I may not be well enough to carry on.


Jess said...

This might be a stupid question, but have you had your blood sugar tested?? Hypoglycaemia could be the culprit for your fainting episodes, especially if you are feeling dizzy and shaky beforehand. Do you skip meals at all?
Things will take time, but if you stick with your exercises and don't push too far, I am sure things will get better. Only YOU know when you're over doing it so it is up to you to say stop when you need to, it will take longer if you try to push yourself too far and end up back at square one! Good luck with the exercises, let us know if they help :-)

Nicola said...

*Hugs to you* I do hope your exercises help and you are able to better control your balance, one thing at a time and try not to over-do things, you don't want to exhaust yourself!

Spring is just round the corner! Keep your sprits up :)

Alessea said...

Jess, yes I have had my blood sugars tested, I even did a glucose test in biochem last year! Mine is always low but not dangerously and this happens regardless of skipped meals or not. I give up.
I hope that once a week is enough for the exercises to start working...we will see.

I cant wait for spring and summer Nikki but I have a lot of work to get through before then!