I went to an aqua fitness class the other night! (and I do not hurt extra anywhere)

Our public pool was having an open night, you could get in for a gold coin donation and take part in a fitness or spin class. I have been wanting to start doing something physically active for ages but really hadn't found anything that sounded like it was do-able, this sounded like something to actually try out.

I went with a couple of my cousins and my Aunt and we had a great time, I was so excited to be going and I had so much fun and even though I was so tired beforehand and didn't know if it was a good idea I felt so much better afterwards! I was so proud of myself-I kept up with the tempo and was able to do almost everything.
I'm really hoping that we are able to make this a regular outing, just need to work out if we can go to any of the time slots they have the classes normally-I really hope we can!

And today I am going to try out a dance group, I am part of an International folk dancing group back home and I really miss not going through the semester. Well last week I found out about a similar group I think, so this morning I am going to go and say hi-wish me luck!


Nicola said...

I'm so happy for you - glad you were able to to the excercises at the pool - Hopefully I will be able to start in the pool next week :)

I bet it felt so good to be active - and not hurt or make things worse! Good luck with the dancing too, sounds fun :) Hope you got my email & have a good weekend! xox

Tough Cookie said...

Congrats! That sounds great! I tried aqua fitness but it did hurt me a lot :-( I am so happy it worked for you! Now, that is something you can always go to when you feel extra hurty.