I've finally got to the point where my CRPS pain is more under control, well thats how I like to think of it anyway. I take my meds like clockwork, throw in another one when I need it, use the tens and do a bit of mirroring. Providing I dont do too much pretending (that I dont have crps...) things are much more bearable mostly and I'm so thankful for that.

So now I am hopefully going to start work on my balance, tomorrow afternoon-between anatomy and a cardio lab on chest markings I have an appointment at the balance clinic and is it ok to say I'm excited about it?

I have been feeling rather down lately about the whole lack of balance issue, I had a meeting with the undergrad dean and she brought it up...how important it is that I don't do certain things, how important it is that all my supervisors know...especially because of the consequences if anything were to happen. I see that now, it is more than just my safety issue, it is the fact that ultimately my supervisor is responsible and can be held accountable. I dont want to put anybody in messy situations just because I was to proud to let them know I am a hazard. But at the same time I feel like I am going to be left out and not allowed to do some things just because it makes it easier for everyone else, I don't want to be treated differently because I think it will turn into a disadvantage and I will miss out on important things.

I'm hoping that the physio will give me a really good rehab program to get me back on my feet in a much more stable position and stop me falling all the time.

I even have a little list of 'patient centered goals' like we talk about so much in class.

I really want to be able to feel safe on my feet without my shoes on
I want to be able to go down stairs without having to totally concentrate on what I am doing
and stop falling over nothing and ending up on my face!

At the moment I can compete with the children over how many bruises I have all over the place-my poor knees are covered!


Tough Cookie said...

Great idea! I do balance work on my own, and although it hurts during the moment, it does more good than harm in the long run. You'll be pleased :-) You go, girl! Keep showing RSD who is boss!!!!!