I'm sure I wasn't quite that bad as a 5 year old...though I do know I was a very messy child and drove my Mum mad.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon cleaning one of my cousins children's bedrooms up. She sent me a message in the morning asking if I would like to go and give miss 5 a hand as "it was turning into a headache for her", I don't blame her wanting to get out of it-it took me hours and by the end I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was collect up all the junk and throw it out but it wasn't my place so instead it is all sorted out.

I felt too mean to say no so instead of putting me and my nearly due (not nearly close to being done) assignment first, I said yes and now my assignment is giving me a headache - only problem is I cant call on anybody to do it for me lol.

After a lot of hard work and 'boom and bust' (against the advice of my OT) my anatomy assignment is almost done, just the last section to do and to write up the reference list and I'll be on to the next one but now I'm both physically and mentally fatigued.

Why wont I ever learn?