It was such a beautiful day today, the hard frost fulfilled her promise of a clear blue sky and warm sunshine...

I enjoyed walking about today (despite the fact that I am paying for my actions) between lectures etc and labs, I went and did a spot of shoe shopping and I had a load of fun!
I didn't get shoes for me ;) but I got some pretty little things for my god Daughter (she is 5! I really cant believe how quickly she has grown up) and if her Mother says yes, I will put a picture up of her in her pretty little new shoes...I am a dotting god mother and love having someone to spoil and buy pretty things for.
We have fun playing tea parties and I love playing with her soft hair. When its nice weather I go round and play with her and her brothers outside in the sun, and in summer we go to the beach and have loads of fun in the sea. She is lovely and asked me to dinner tonight-how cute is that!