4th lot of x-rays in 6 weeks
Special doc appointment booked
Wearing my splint as instructed


Anyway its done and its turning into another interesting experience. I am sure people are just being anal about it all but then I guess this is better than just leaving it and then finding out later that things are not as they should be.

I had a hand therapy appointment yesterday to be assessed. My thumb joint and scaphoid area are "angry" as put by the physio lol. I've been told the most important things is managing the pain to see if we can get it to settle and see if a more localised area can be identified as the problem. I have good ROM (I had been working on this before I went) which is just as well, I am a physio student after all!

I am not to be stubborn...I am to wear my splint, not spend too long doing my Christmas crafts or spend too long in the garden (20 min rather than hours), heat pack it blah blah blah and I'll be going back to see him at some stage in the near future I guess.

I am so so sick of all this, am I ever going to have a time when I can just be normal and like do all the ordinary things people do over summer break? like work and um have fun instead of never ending physio, doctors, specialists, medical tests, blah blah appointments?
Have I or have I not done enough of this for one lifetime????


Lisa Moon said...

Oh,hon, do I feel your frustration... and I am quite certain that there's a bunch more of those things in my near future from this pain clinic.
It doesn't seem fair to be so occupied with this when there are so many things we could be doing with our time; most especially since you are going into your summertime right now.
I guess we can only hope that they payoff will be huge improvements so that the rest of our lives will be so much better for all our hard work.
Hugs as always.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, off to see mike in 10 minutes....
You WILL have a summer Butterfly!!!!