Positively chic!


RSDsux said...

Felicia, I love the cast!! It is so groovy and feminine, I just so wish you didn't have to be in it!!

Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon!!


Alessea said...

Thanks Alison!

I decided to pretty it up since I have to wear it lol. I have got lots of comments since I drew the flowers on. Fingers cross it comes off and stays off next Tuesday!

RSDsux said...

It looks really nice!! Love the flowers that you drew on it, makes it look so much more funky and personal!

I have my fingers crossed that you get the cast taken off next Tuesday!

Love and pain-free hugs

Lisa Moon said...

Ohh, you drew the flowers on?! How clever! Might as well make it pretty since you're stuck in it for a while longer...

Still sending those healing energies your way.


Jess said...

HEHE that is so cool! Unfortunately mine was a dark purple so too dark to draw on :-( The flowers are so 'you' ;-) Hope you are feeling better soon, can't wait to catch up next week!