Since part way through my exams I have had this stupid cold thing, chesty cough and now a head cold type feeling as well. I think its been over 4 weeks now? I feel dizzy, my head feels like its full of cotton wool, I cant hear anything and I am coughing my lungs up and feel totally washed out. I started taking a couple of cold medicines but not regularly (naughty me).
I went to see Jess and Hamish yesterday and Hamish commented that I sounded like a cat with fur balls (thank you Hamish)! I think I need to be better about taking the cold meds because this is not good and I feel like I am getting worse not better.

I was talking to my Mum just before and then all of a sudden a feeling of extreme nausea comes over me...I have been laying down for a while and I am starting to feel a bit better but I daren't move. This is more frustrating than anything although its not nice as well-life is so fun (not). I wonder if the combination of drugs I am taking at the moment is just a bit much for my poor body to handle.

I just hope I start feeling better soon, its hard enough to do things without feeling like this as well!


Anonymous said...

Tramadol will do that in the beginning....