...but I didn't realise I was invisible.

Please can someone explain why it is so hard to walk around someone WITHOUT collecting them with your bag/shopping basket/trolley/arm/shoulder/*insert object of choice here?
I'm sure I'm not invisible and I don't think everyone who does it can plead vision impairment, or maybe they can and I'm just being unreasonable...I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

But surely they would then apologise when said person who got walked into with said object cried out in pain and jumped due to the unexpected collision? I am sure I do not know...but instead they appear to just stare at you as if you are crazy (oh maybe I am) and like nothing happened, or else totally ignore you.

Well sorry if I speak out of turn but you violated my personal zone and it just so happens that I do not appreciate it, and probably much to your amazement and bewilderment, it actually hurts-sometimes enough to make me cry (as much as I try to hold them back).

So I'm just asking, really nicely (pretty please with cherries on top) that you please watch where you are going with your belongings and that you are not collecting strangers (who just might happen to be afflicted with a hidden condition that doesn't like your thoughtless actions).

There ends my rant for today


Lisa Moon said...


Sadly, this happens to me to, ALL THE TIME! Especially when taking public transit. You'd think the cane I use these days might be a sign but nope!

I think these days people are mostly content to bumble along in their own bubble of self-absorbtion, rather that to face potential interaction between people. They may well be tuned out and wondering what your problem is when you yelp in pain!

As an example: I was taking the city bus somewhere the other day. I get off at the front of the bus because they 'kneel' if the curb is too far to reach easily. A woman waiting to get on noticed me waiting to leave and moved back to let me off. When she did that, a man waiting to get on hopped on instead! I was like HEY! she wasn't waiting for YOU to get on, you jerk!

Now I don't know about you in NZ, but I suspect you might suffer from the same 'polite-itis' as we do in Canada and we don't tend to speak out about these things! I'm trying to change my habit to say something and let people know, as politely but firmly as I can manage, that the correct thing to do would be to wait until you're certain everyone who wishes to has disembarked the bus before hopping selfishly on.

BUT I personally think this is a crock of crap! The bus driver should be the one to call this to attention; some of them do, many of them don't bother.

There's a long list of these experiences, making me long dearly for my own vehicle to drive!

One other one that especially stands out and was the impetus for my resolution to SAY something when people are rude like this; on the bus one day a woman boarded with a man who was clearly visually impaired as he carried a white cane and she was guiding him. He seemed newer to having the visual impairment, judging by his level of assistance. They came to sit on the seats which face along the side of the bus, perpendicular to where I sat facing the front. In other words, the woman (who sat closest) would have her thighs in front of my knees).

When they sat, the woman turned as she had a large backpack on, which seemed quite full. Turns out it was also VERY heavy as, when she turned, its projection caused it to land ON MY LAP, which a thwack, feeling like a rock (food cans, perhaps?) landed on my CRPS leg. :(

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this HURT. But do I just scream out? NO! I'm biting my lips in horror of the hurt and trying to wiggle away... then I can't help it and push the bag off me. The woman shoots me an annoyed look and says (not much of an apology here) "There's not much room here" I agree and say it was hurting my leg. She moves, slightly.

I mean, even if it didn't hurt me, it was still really rude and unnessary. They could have scooted over and taken off the backpack.. but whatever.

I promised myself that next time, instead of being afraid of calling attention to myself that I'd scream out in the pain I'm feeling and let THEM feel bad!

Interesting, isn't it? Dratted Canadian (and being a woman, too?) politeness and unwillingness to complain or draw attention...?

(HUGS) I hope you'll have many low- and pain-free days coming along!

Tough Cookie said...

Congrats on the end of your school year!!!!! What an achievement! You should be sooooo proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Your not invisible... you make a statement where ever you go... that smile goes a long way!!!!