...if only I had the energy!

Finally the university year has come to an end and my last exam has been completed, it was touch and go for awhile whether I would actually make it this far.

After the last post I decided to focus my energy on getting through my exams, supposedly in one piece but life had other plans. I certainly didn't have any spare energy for updating here, I decided that I had more important things to think about.

Life is always exciting when you wear my shoes lol, I am currently sporting a very dashing green cast on my left wrist (not my dominant hand thank goodness) which may or may not be immobilising a scaphoid fracture...no definite fracture has shown up on x-ray as yet. Moral of the story? there is no moral-though I'm sure Jess would say it was dont use the stairs!

I caught my foot and superman dived down some pretty majestic concrete steps less than 2 hours before my first exam...my friend took me up to our paper coordinator and she patched up my dripping knees after having a hard time finding anything big enough to cover them. My stupid wrist was really sore but I had an exam to sit and no time to investigate so the trusty bunch who watch over me, dressed me in my lab coat, put my glasses on and helped me up the DR stairs.
By the time we had finished our 8 station anatomy exam (3 and a half hours for me) it was too late and I was too tired to think much but promised if my wrist was still painful in the morning I would get properly checked out (all the while hoping it would not).

As aways seems to be for me, things were not simple in the morning, so I duly took myself to be checked and several hours later (after being sent for x-rays) emerged with a plaster cast for my troubles.
I have since had practicals (boy were they fun with an arm in plaster) and then more x-rays and more indecisiveness and am now sporting this funky green fibreglass cast for yet another 2 weeks of frustration!

I'm am very relieved that I made it through my exams, now comes the waiting part to see if I made it to a pass, I am hoping I did but a bit worried about the anatomy exam (I was in quite a bit of pain because of the fall) and also the pharmacology exam but for now I am going to throw my worry away and enjoy my days of rest before I go back home!


RSDsux said...

So glad you made it through your exams Felicia, you are an inspiration to us all. I have my fingers-crossed that you passed!!!

Hope you feel better real soon and that you get your arm sorted soon; they never seem to want to cooperate do they?!

Love, Alison

Lisa Moon said...

I agree, too! Very inspiring. I don't think I could have made it through an exam after such a fall.

I hope that, along with your incredible determination, you're remembering to take care of yourself.

When I was in school, that was something that we were reminded: you can't be of help taking care of others if you cannot take care of yourself, first. Good words to remember.

Gentle hugs and healing energy,

Anonymous said...

Hi there I hope you did well on your exams.How are you feeling? I recently fractured my scaphoid and its such a pain. The fracture didn't show on the xrays only on the MRI and now a cast for 8 weeks!!!! Not sure I can handle this,anyway feel free to write and vent,Dave.