Wow-can you imagine how great I feel just now? Finding out that I actually passed all my papers and my practicals and even (dare I say it) got an honest grade average!

No just missing out, no just scraping in, just good reasonable passes that anybody should be proud of and I am glad to say that I actually feel good about it.

If I had got these grades say 3 years ago, I would be hanging my head in shame, I probably wouldn't have told anybody about them and I certainly wouldn't be beaming with accomplishment.
But back then I was a different person, I didn't have much getting in my way-I was a machine working my nights away while studying during the day. Everything was easy for me then and I sometimes wish I could go back to being that person...I had things easy and didn't what it was like to really have to work for something.

I have learn't a lot, I have learn't to celebrate my achievements, having pride in what I am able to do DESPITE living my life. I never gave up (though some times I thought it would have been easier) and I never lost hope. I sometimes panicked and worried myself sick but that goes with the territory.

I am PROUD of my 68% (B-) grade average (ok so I am more used to A grades) and this is in my heart...through the perseverance of my friends I have accepted that this is just as worthy of celebration as my previous results. My results though not as high as previous years are just as great, if not more of an achievement because of what I overcame to accomplish them!

Bring on 3rd year!


RSDsux said...

I am so very proud of you Felicia! I know you were so worried that you wouldn't have passed but I had faith that you would ... and you did!!

Congratulations!! I know you have so much going on and I don't know how the heck you do all of this whilst living in constant pain - you're an inspiration and I mean that!!

You are going to make a great Physiotherapy one day, I just know it and I really hope you can get the Placement to come to my hospital over here.

Love you babe and lets get celebrating for you!!

Dave Schultz said...

Congrats to you, Felicia!

Lisa Moon said...

Yaaaay! Yippeee!!!
That's such great news! :)
Though I sure knew you could do it, I'm still thrilled to hear it.

Ah, yes, I understand about your grades, knowing that previously you were able to - and did - earn higher grades, still a B- is certainly nothing to be at ALL ashamed about! In fact, it's incredible considering all that you've gone through and will continue to with your CRPS/RSD.

Since I am still considering returning to school at some point to further my own education, you give me so much hope and encouragement that I COULD in fact manage and even excel. (I have noticed differences in my ability to take in new information and even more frightening, I seem to be experiencing trouble with word recall - just silly, everyday words, too - which scares me when thinking if I could still learn as well as I used to).

I would be SO thrilled to have you as my own physiotherapist: you're so kind, caring and most of all, you have the first-hand knowledge of what it means to live with RSD.

Perhaps if you get to do a placement at Alison's hospital, I could win that lottery and come fly over there to get treatment! Then, I'd be off to see Maria for some counselling... (big smiles)

Congratulations again! I hope you will do something very special to celebrate - you deserve it!

Big, gentle hugs.

Anonymous said...

You did it,
I knew you could...
Told you so every other day...
Hell if I can pass, and live with this, anything is possible.

Lisa... the word recall thing affects me too...
I am totally fluent in babble... where a blah blah is inserted into a sentence rather than the word my brain is searching for...
Just ask F...
She is becoming quite fluent in Jo speak...

So, now go and celebrate and have fun, enjoy your summer and know that town is VERY quiet without you!!!
And the other 17,000 students.

Love you Butterfly

Alessea said...

Alison, Lisa, Dave, Jo
I have tears in my eyes reading your special words...

Life is a roller coaster but that doesn't mean we cant get through, but its the support of our friends (who are very dear to me) who get us through-without you I would not have the constant strength to do this.

This achievement is much yours as it is mine and how I wish we could all get together to celebrate as one big happy family.

I love you all