I hate old buses.

I still look like a child (both bus driver's were surprised when I said that I actually wanted an adult fare please, not the child one they were offering).

I helps to turn on the stove if you want to cook something.

I also helps to turn down the right stove plate when the pot is continuing to boil over (turning on the one beside it that has nothing on it and then turning it down doesn't count and getting frustrated about it doesn't help either).

You cant cook apples in the freezer.

Orange juice in mashed potatoes is probably not a good idea.

You actually have to pull down some clothes before sitting on the loo (and yes I did realise before it was too late thankfully).

My first exam actually starts at 2.30pm not 9.30am on Wednesday, if a friend hadn't told me today I would have been very early lol!

I think I am still over tired...and anyway that is more than enough learning for one day!


Nicola said...

You poor thing, your going through soo much at the moment *big hugs* I hope you have someone looking after you! I really hope the last couple of weeks at uni goes smoothly, remember to take time for yourself & try some relaxation techniques - even listen to soothing music! I am so sorry you have had to go through all of this xoxox take care!!

Lisa Moon said...

Yes, do give yourself some space to recuperate... we all have our moments and sometimes, with CRPS, those moments seem to be far too often!

I agree with nicola, too! Remember above all to breathe - not those shallow breaths in the upper lungs, but the deep, full lung ones which inflate your tummy. Practice those every day. In our busy lives, we breathe shallowly, which encourages stress. Stress=not good.

Wishing you a relaxing, non-stressful week with much love and friendship.


Lisa Moon said...

PS As someone who was 'carded' (asked for ID) until I was about 30(!), you might appreciate looking youthful as you get older!

(Everyone always told me that, but I was rather annoyed at how people sometimes judge you based on your age - perceived or otherwise).

Tough Cookie said...

Med head/RSD fog! I hate it! It makes school so difficult :-/ Us grad students need our brains in tip top condition.

The girls gave you great advice. Remember to take time out for yourself, even if it's only 30 minutes. I've learned not to push through the moments when I just can't get productive. If I wait them out, then I usually feel better and more clear to be efficient later.

School is super important, but when you're sick like we are, WE come first... school no longer takes that top position.

Sorry I have been so busy with school, my internship, and recovering from both each week haha Please e-mail me if you need to talk, vent, or bounce some ideas of someone. I am ontop of my e-mail so I will be in touch sooner.