6.45am Awake
Work on assignment
Get up (yes, I have it so I dont actually have to get out of bed to study in the morning-is that bad?)
Breakfast and meds
Make lunch
Hurriedly towel hair because there is neither time to dry it properly nor plait it
Pack lunch...and slightly less heavy backpack (what did I forget?)
Opps, dont forget to brush teeth....dash out the door

Ride to Uni and arrive with 10 min to make the 10 min walk to my lecture (no fake running this morning)

Library to work some more on said assignment
and more
and more...
Stop for lunch
Walk to centre to find friends to eat lunch with (and discover certain person is sitting with them hence I cannot)
Eat lunch by self
Walk to supermarket number one to buy muffin cases
Walk to supermarket number two to buy muffin cases as number one didn't have any
Hurry (and this actually included some attempt to run) back to physio school for lab I was now extremely close to being late for
Lab, which was both boring, interesting and tiring
Back to library to spend yet more time on assignment since lab finished early
Walk to physio school for tutorial
Tutorial...which they tried to make interesting and kinda was but it was too late in the day by that time to do anything else but wish for the end to come
Walk 10 min walk back to scooter in rain with no jacket (no one told me it was going to rain today)
Ride home

Switch on laptop and work some more on assignment
Eat some chocolate and YAY...finish assignment (I can go to ballet afterall)!
Check email
Eat dinner
Get changed and hitch a ride in the rain to ballet
Hitch a ride home
Make blueberry muffins (which take forever to cook in our tiny cooktop oven-I hate standing up)

I wore my TENS all today and was so busy that I didn't notice I had missed them till I stopped to catch my breath.

So now of course I cant sleep (sigh)

Tomorrow is last day at this clinical placement so I really hope I do get some sleep as I will be getting feedback, I also have my brain MRI in the afternoon and trying not to think about it, makes my stomach churn ah well. Aint life just a dream?


Jess said...

Phew, what a day! Welcome back to uni huh ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey butterfly,
Have I told you how proud I was of you today....
You showed more courage than I ever will...
YOU are MY hero...

God Bless and get some sleep


Belle said...

I just found your blog site and want to say how beautiful it is. I too endure the chronic nerve pains of CRPS/RSD and so can relate to much of what you have written on your blog. God bless you. Hugz, Belle

Lisa Moon said...

Oh, AAK! I was tired just reading the first half of the day! So much walking! Such a looonnng day! :(

And to forget not one but two doses? OHH, I would be a mess.

I wish you had the 24 hour tramadol there! One less thing to worry over! And the pregabalin I take only twice per day, so that's one less dose to worry over...

I hope things improve greatly and promptly!

Oh? And the friends having lunch with certain someone? Certain someone needs to get over it; I'm betting you're more welcome than they are - just go join them! CS can stalk off in a huff; should just get over it, the twit! You DESERVE to sit with your friends, too!

Boy, if I were there, I'd march right over there and have a few words for that... certain someone! Grr.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you girl, but I promised Butterfly weeks ago that I wouldn't hit CS.....

I'd like to, but I promised I wouldn't,
Now a vodoo efigy..
thats different right...

Caf said...

this is a HUGE day!! Kudos to you chicka, RSD sister pride beaming out at you for making it through xoxo