I left my keys in my locker door ( thankfully a kind person found them and handed them in to the student association for me to eventually go and collect), left my umbrella in the Dr's office (she kindly phoned me to let me know) and goodness knows where I left my brain...

I cried in my first lecture reading the lovely card one of my friends wrote for me, I cried writing up notes when my brother sent me a happy birthday message, I cried when my Dad sent me a message (I think I'm a bit homesick at the moment), I cried at lunch due to 'previous friend' noticeably avoiding me and frustrating everybody else in the process.

I needed an urgent appointment at the Drs because my jaw pain that has been bugging me for the last 4 weeks had turned into almost crps like intensity stabbing pain in my ear whenever I swallowed, chewed or opened my mouth too wide. Turns out it is probably a blocked eustasion tube and now I am on even more meds to try and sort it out (I hope it does soon as its horrible).

I was cheered up by JoJo and went home to open the presents I had waiting and then to nap for a few hours (as I was so tired after the first week back at uni and all the things that have been going on).

Evening came and I went to a flat warming party... so did the person who was my 'previous friend' (which led to a complicated dance being performed most of the night). It turned into flat warming/birthday party which was so very nice. They sang happy birthday to me and I had a lovely cake, everyone enjoying a piece of it. We played Cranium (the most hilarious game I have ever played as there were 10 of us playing) till almost 1am in the morning, making the night end on a very high though exhausted note. I made it home ok on my scooter despite bleary eyes and being stopped for a breath test (which happily read NO ALCOHOL) and after texting my friends to let them know I was safely home I sunk into bed hoping that I would sleep in.

This morning the sun was shining brightly but I didnt have any energy to do much because of all the missed sleep recently. I eventually got up, showered and dressed to be 'kidnapped' by JoJo and co, off to a mystery picnic location. What lovely weather it was seen as summer is over, and we had a glorious picnic lunch followed by a walk along the beach soaking up the warm sunshine. It was nice to get away like that, going for a road trip and then relaxing for a few hours not really bothered about anything but whether any of the cheesecake would be left for anybody else to have some :)

I feel special, so special and almost unworthy...I have friends who make plans, plans which show they care and friends who take the time to say happy birthday to me. That is what birthdays are all about being reminded that there are many people who care and it couldn't have come at a better time. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!

Birthdays also come with wish making...I made one wish, that this year would be a good year and that I will get through it without any major setbacks, like the last 3 years have been full of. I think I deserve at least that dont you?


Caf said...

i'm so glad to hear that you had a lovely birthday! Hope this is the year for no more setbacks!!

I have RSD in my jaw and it is so incredibly irritating! Hope that your prob settles down soon, are you coping ok as far as being able to lie down? (seems to hurt my jaw sometimes)

belated Happy Bday! Feel better soon xx

Lisa Moon said...

I'm so happy to re-read the details of your lovely day - dayS! How very sweet. :) But please DO bring extra meds for those impromptu sleepovers that could make things easier. :)

Also, you are SO worthy of all of this and more; the help with Uni, the friendships that are true and all of it.

I wish for you a year full of happiness and progress and growth - although growth can come with 'growing pains', it's important to see the positive parts, too.

I wish I could have been with you on your birthday, to give you a big hug (or 5) and some pretty flowers and most of all to tell you in person what a special person you truly are.

xox Lisa

PS Your new layout/page is so very pretty! It very much suits you. :)

Tough Cookie said...

Sooooo sorry I have been absent lately. Grad school midterms and advanced RSD do not go well together. I know you are back in school now, and I wish you all the good fortune in the world. Be kind to yourself, ok? Let's both work together on setting limitations on what we expect from ourselves because our lives are different now. I'm still working on this myself.