and really its pathetic of me lol...
but the country music the neighbour is playing at MIDNIGHT is so loud I cant sleep despite the fact I am so over tired just now.

And also my good news is turning into bad news before I even post it as good news, that is unfair too...

I just want to get some good sleep-is that too much to ask just now?


Caf said...

I hear that, I literally want to KILL people that start playing music late at night or early in the morning...and if all I can hear is the bass line it seems to make it that much worse, just constant repetition!

I hope you were able to get some sleep...RSD throws out my sleep cycle enough without the neighbours chipping in!

-Caf :)

Lisa Moon said...

UGH, I hear you... and worse, the music itself can be painful, I've found!

I slept much of my Monday away, despite getting a reasonable bed time the night before. Methinks it's the pain which interferes with us getting the restful REM sleep stage - even with 12 hours 'sleep' we might never really enter the regenerative, restorative stage!

Ahh, sleep deprivation; another form of torture!

That neighbour better watch out lest he get a rock in his stereo! ;)

Not that you'd do that, but it's a fun thought, yes?! :D

Alessea said...

Its like they have no respect for others, I mean its not just us who must find it more than annoying. What with between my brother and my neighbour I'm ready to pull my hair out!

The thing that makes it even harder is the fact that I'm not sleeping well at all at the moment so I have a very small tolerance level.

And Lisa I very nearly yelled out the window at him, but then I didnt have the energy to get out of bed.