After the weekend I start back at physio school-seems unreal! Today we had our prelim lecture, an intro into our papers and getting our complex 3 week turn about timetable. I reckon its going to take most of the weekend to get my head around it! Down side is we have 8am starts every day of the week but it looks like some weeks at least my lab group gets Friday afternoons off.

This year we step up with our clinical placements, with 4 three week rotations consisting of 3 half days a week as far as I can work out. I will learn more as next week progresses.

I am glad I had such a relaxing break, I needed time to let my brain rest and to de-stress completely. I also made a lot of progress that would have been difficult had I been working, but now its time to switch on the brain and get back to work-I hope my brain holds up!


Angel43522 said...

Hey Felicia!
Stay strong and hang in there. Haven't talked in a while, how are you?

Lisa Moon said...

You're going to be just fine! And think of all that hard physio work you did yourself over the summer! That's bound to be of help to you...

Sounds like some busy but fun things coming up for you! Can't wait to hear about them!

Big hugs,