Here is a picture from the Saturday night party, there will be more at some point as photos were taken all evening, but I wanted one taken on my camera that I could have now. Photos have become very important for me somehow, I think its the rarity of getting dressed up and also needing photo's to aid my memory. I got so many lovely comments on the night that this is a good reminder for me that maybe I am pretty...I need that boost of confidence.

It never ceases to amaze me how good we are at hiding pain...I look perfectly fine, no-one would guess that I had just fallen, or that after a day and night of dancing I was exhausted and in more pain than usual. And we all look like this, just because we are so used to it.


RSDsux said...

Oh Felicia, you look absolutely beautiful and I love the dress - it really suits you and the 'denim' design really suits you!!

It sounds like you had lots of fun at the dancing classes, despite all of the pain - I am SO glad as you deserve it after everything you have been through ((hugs))!! I really hope you are doing well now and that you aren't paying for what you did too much ... i'm thinking about you!!

You are so right about looking "well" in pictures, even though we might not feel like it at all! When I had my makeover pictures taken, I couldn't believe how well I was hiding the pain as I was having such a hard time of it then ... I guess like my doctor said, after so long you just get used to it and HAVE to get along with your life!!!

I'm thinking about you and sending many pain-free hugs your way! You look beautiful and i'm so proud of you!

Lisa Moon said...

MIGHT be pretty?! My dear, you look like a lovely, no beautiful dainty princess!

Oh, gosh, even I wouldn't have guessed you'd just had a fall... and now, also seeing RSDsux photos, I am all-too aware of how well we hide our pain every single day!

We do it to not frighten people, but when we see doctors, is this helpful, I have to wonder?!

Anyway, back to your wonderful party!

I'm so glad you were able to go and that there were people there to help keep an eye out for you, too.

I hope you're resting now and letting your body recover after all that well-deserved fun.

many gentle hugs,


PS Your dress looks like it's made of fairy wings! So light and pretty! What is the fabric?! I love the little, wee flowers...