I shed a tear for you, a river flowed.
You never saw the care I showed?

I wouldn't hurt you, why cant you see,
You were so very dear to me.

I opened up, I showed to you,
Behind the mask, real me to view.

I feel confused, I cannot say
why have I this price to pay?

What changed? What made you turn?
I have so very much to learn...

The things you said, they hurt me so
My heart you shattered with one blow.

I wish my grief would go away
You are not worth the time of day

I have wounds, they will not heal
Life is cruel, I know the deal.

I cried for you, I shed a tear,
This just shows real friends are rare.


Lisa Moon said...

Oh, sweetpea, you made me cry!

Again, I'm so sorry about everything you've gone through. DO know that wounds can heal and in their place, the leave stronger scars!

We CRPSers are warriors! Quiet warriors at times, but warriors nonetheless.

I hope you're at a more peaceful place right now. Let out your feelings, be sad, mourn and move on.

Your true friend, reaching out my arms across the distance. :) xox

Alessea said...

Oh Lisa, I didn't mean to make you cry. This just felt like a good way to help get through it. Talking to you and a couple of my other true friends I now feel much happier about everything, so thank you all so much for helping me get through this.

I think I will rest more peacefully tonight so thank you, for being there for me and standing by me.