You may remember, a few months ago I had a bit of an incident at the pool after not sleeping well for a while (I wrote about it here). Well I had forgotten the ED Dr had referred me to Neurology until an appointment card arrived in the post.

I was pretty anxious about the whole deal, the ED Dr mentioned the possibility of it being a seizure and that I might have epilepsy and that was the last thing I needed, I was terrified I would lose my license or something!

Well I had a sleep deprived EEG and then yesterday I saw the Neurologist (who was actually running early would you believe!!). One of my good friends came with me which was very helpful as she had been present when I had keeled over.
He asked me questions I had trouble answering (I dont really remember that evening at all) and then did a neuro exam (which was as normal as it can be in a person with CRPS-but please would could you actually register I have PAIN and be gentle with my hurt parts?).
I am happy to say that I have a brain ;) and he said that it sounded nothing like a seizure and although my EEG basic report showed some abnormal activity he attributes that to the medication I take for the CRPS pain rather than anything else (thank goodness). The episode was most likely due to extreme fatigue and he did mention my previous head injury.

He is ordering an MRI of my brain to be on the safe side, just in case they have missed anything that could be hiding but I'm sure they haven't. He will also let me know the final results of the indepth EEG reading when it is ready. I cant say how relieved I am about the outcome of that appointment, I'm sure the MRI will be fine and then I'll be all good to go and I promise to look after myself better this year-I really want this year to be much better all round!