So with the help of my lovely physio I am now back on tramadol, with enough to tide me over till my Saturday appointment with the pain specialist.
As soon as she saw me this afternoon she knew all was not right and was on the phone to organise an interim supply.

Apparently part of my symptoms, the not being able to keep still were withdrawal symptoms-whoops on my part. Apparently I am on enough that its not a good idea to go cold turkey.

One thing it did prove though was I do need the meds, so it wasn't all for nothing-and I dont want to do that to myself again!

Todays physio session was focusing on pain relieving strategies so that was also helpful. We worked out the best things for me to do in the water to relieve pain when I am in a flare. All I can say is thank goodness for people who are there to help.


Lisa Moon said...

Yes, indeed! I was afraid of this, only because it's happened to me. It can be quite dangerous to stop abruptly! Cold turkey sounds quite tasty where as this is nothing of the sort... quite the misnomer, really...

SO glad your pt was a cracker! Feel better soon!

Tough Cookie said...

Oh my gosh, I watch my meds like a hawk!!! I wouldn't be able to get out of bed without my ultram and norco (stronger version of vicodin)!!! It's such a scary feeling to think you may run out because you know how horrible the pain will be.

I've got to run to my treatment, but I'm thinking of you!!!! xoxo