Anybody know where I can buy some balance (well more to the point some good balance)?
I have 3 weeks to improve my balance before my next placement so I need some fast remedy!

I had the unfortunate luck to slip down the steps getting into the pool on Thursday and then after, when we were putting the equipment away, I slipped in some water by the pool side. Now after the first slip into the pool and I had surfaced and recovered from all the water I was choking on, my clinical tutor asked if I was ok and if I slipped because of my foot and I answered yes. She said she knew about rsd when I asked her awhile back so I thought everything was fine.

On Friday I get an email from my paper coordinator at university saying that she had received an email from the clinical tutor saying that she was concerned that I was unwell and wasn’t sure why I might fall.
And then that it might be a good thing to forewarn my next clinical tutor in my next placement that "I am at risk of falling".

Give me a break, all I did was slip in some puddles of water and slip on the step into the pool and she even asked me if it was my foot-she "wasn't sure why I might fall?" I thought she said she knew about rsd, obviously not..

Anyway now I need to think of a way of improving my balance enough in the next three weeks that I wont be "at risk of falling" I don't think my next clinical tutor will be very happy if I have to tell them that, its neuro-rehabilitation and I am supposed to be able to support other people at risk of falling, I'll be pretty useless if I'm the potential hazard lol.

The funny thing about it all was one of the guys on placement with me asked afterwards "what happened, its not usual to fall like that is it?" and my friend who knows me, said "no, its usually once a day not twice" I had to laugh, I guess its only the truth that I'm a potential hazard but I really need to do something about it before I or someone else gets really hurt!


Jess said... seem to fall a lot even when there are railings available? Maybe you just need to take things slower and make your moves more deliberate and controlled. Are you falling because of poor balance or because of pain in your foot? I think holding on should be your number one priority :-)

Alessea said...

Hehe if I didnt hold on to the railings I would be falling a lot more than I do, I hold on and even then I still manage to come a cropper. I think its poor proprioception in my foot and thats balance related but I also know that sometimes its because of an automatic pain response that no matter how hard I try still catches me out.
I'm going to see if I can start my balance rehab now and maybe in three weeks I will be a bit better.

Tough Cookie said...

I know tons of balancing exercises from distance running PT. It will probably bother your leg though :-/

rsdfghtr grl said...

oh balance exercise i remember those. i'm okay now...still kinda lopsided when i walk but I deal.

let me introduce myself. i'm robin. i'm a teen. i have RSD. we should so be friends?! haha. yaaa. i have a blog about not letting RSD stop me...and i found yours and was like heyyyy new RSD BUDDIE!!!!!