I have a serious case of MedHeadFog
I went to see my pain specialist yesterday and he increased one of the meds I am taking. I only take it once a day a nighttime and he has increase it to twice as much as I was taking before-although its still a small amount.
This morning I feel in such a daze, my mind is floating anywhere/nowhere and my eyes cant focus (even with my glasses on). I'm even typing really strange words with my fingers!

I hate feeling like this and I don't think it helps that for the last week I have had no caffeine. Last night I gave in and had some and it woke me up slightly but today I feel so so tired again.

I am hoping this is just me adjusting to the new amount and that in a few days I will have got used to it and just be the normal MedHead I usually am. I have to start back at Uni on Monday and feeling like this will not help one bit!


jess said...

Oh dear! Maybe the increase was too much too soon? Good plan to wait out a couple of days and see how you are...if still not right, please go to your doc!