I just love hydrotherapy!
Three Thursday afternoons in a row I get to 'play' physio with 5 of my classmates (under the watchful eye of a registered physio of course) in the hydrotherapy pool. This is probably the best placement I am going to get really.

The physio pool is 37 degrees Celsius, deliciously warm and my hurting body appreciates it immensely. I feel so much more alive and physically able in the warm water, pain settles and movement becomes easier.

Our clinical tutor was explaining to us the importance of movement after injury or surgery and then she said otherwise RSD can result...how amazed was I! I hardly ever come across people who know about it, I said that I had RSD and I think she was amazed too! This week I'm going to ask her if she has treated any patients with RSD before and how much she knows about it in general.

I think I am going to do a lot better in this placement-I feel more confident and it helps to be in a pain relieving environment. We had health and safety stuff and one patient last week and this week we hope to have 3 patients. Tutor said that if one doesn't show up they can use me instead as I'm injured lol!

Only problem is that after 2 1/2 hours you are very wrinkly and regardless of the warmth my foot didn't appreciate being used that long despite most of the time it was less that 50% weight bearing. I still love it though, I even had a chance to do some of the stuff prescribed to me by my own physio.


Tough Cookie said...

Hey, alessea! How are you feeling? Another thing I wanted to tell you from your comment on my blog is that your inner feelings and outer display must match or else you will create more confusion, stress, and anger. It is okay to still be on the road to acceptance, because it is perfectly natural. Being an actor on a stage all day is not, and it is also very harmful.

All my love,