...so after that fall down the stairs I was now desperate for an answer to my problems and some relief but it wasn't an easy task...


This was the second hardest part, the fun part. How to get someone to believe that there is SOMETHING WRONG with you. Do you know just how hard it is to get someone to actually give you some credit when you are in pain?

Just because I am young doesn't mean there is nothing wrong.

Just because x-rays were "normal" doesn't mean you discredit your patient, x-rays are not the be-all and end-all.

Just because you deal with attention seekers doesn't mean you get to label me as one of them, hell I took over 2 years to finally decide to get checked out (does that spell attention to you?).

Just because you don't have any idea what is going on doesn't mean you fob me off with some nonsense (I would admire you if you admitted you didn't really know but were willing to help me find out or send me on to someone who might).

And lastly just because you are a doctor doesn't mean you can't listen to another healthcare professional occasionally when they have an idea of the cause but are not able to order the diagnostic tests required!

A physio saved my hip and my sanity; he treated me with credibility and gave me the strength to persevere when I wanted to give up - HE ACTUALLY BELIEVED ME! He even tried to talk to a doctor for me and explain what tests needed to be done but no, the doc knew better. But thanks to Steve I soldiered on and finally found a doc who listened to my story, did a good exam and cared enough to help me find the cause of all my pain (thank you Doc, between you, Steve and my wonderful surgeon I am now looking forward to "being normal"!)

This was just the beginning of a diagnosis though, tests needed to be decided on, ordered and then the waiting game for them to be done!

To be continued…