There is so much more to surgery than the actual procedure - symptoms, diagnosis, surgery and rehab. In fact in my case the actual surgery was the quickest and easiest part by far!

First things first, It is not the greatest idea to pretend that you are fine and dandy when your body is telling you you're not. I thought I was fine, I can deal with this, I could still carry on most of my activities, study, active job, dancing, tennis, table tennis, running etc (albeit in pain), it was just things like putting on socks and shoes, standing still, sitting down comfortably, sleeping, climbing stairs and anything that involved hip flexion that was the killer. It took 2 years of 'dealing' before I told a doctor about it, she did an exam, checked my ROM and then ordered an x-ray while at the same time telling me that I was too young for arthritis and she didn't expect that there was anything wrong with it really. 2 months later I got my x-rays and sure enough the results were "perfectly normal films" her next suggestion was a steroid injection into my hip without even knowing what was wrong so I ran a mile and decided to just carry on and deal. Fast forward 6 months and I could no longer 'deal', was living maxed out on pain meds that barely helped and I walked like an old woman and just to make things even better - I tripped down some steps-the perfect answer to all my worries!
To be continued...