It’s the next step that is the hardest part by far and I have to say that 9 months out I am still recovering, still making progress and still have post op goals I want to meet.

Even though my surgeon told me that it can take a full year to recover to a certain point, even though I had others tell me the same I really didn’t believe that it was that big a deal, surely how hard can this recovery thing be? Now I have experience, now I know better, rehab is the hardest most rewarding experience in my life to date.

Another thing-if anyone had told me that I would be up and walking on crutches less than 12 hours post op I would have laughed in their face, even now I think back in awe of the physio, she must have been one tough cookie because I sure as hell wasn’t thinking about even moving a muscle and the next thing I was standing up out of bed being handed my crutches and told to walk across the room! It amazing how that makes you feel, even though you have tears running down your face because of the pain, you feel shocked and full of motivation and determination-I can do this!

There have been numerous milestones/goals so far in my recovery. Each one bringing joy and restores the motivation/determination as sometimes you feel like it all gets too much and is way too hard.

I weaned off one crutch, was able to put my own socks on, walk around the mall with one crutch, cook dinner for my family, had to relearn how to walk properly (this is much harder than it sounds), regain balance and be able to stand on one foot, finally get rid of the other crutch, TIE MY LACES for the first time in years! Walk without the funny penguin waddle gait. Walk several miles without surgical pain, run for a little on the treadmill, start using weights in the gym to strengthen my weak muscles just to name a few, there have been so many I cant remember them and there are still a few to go-I would like to be able to get my foot in a good position so I can cut my own toenails and even put on some nail varnish would be nice!

I have since had my hardware removed (just recently) so I am back to strengthening my muscles and building up to running again but all in good time, it’s the hard work that makes you appreciate the small things and I for one will never take for granted the ability to walk in a “normal” fashion. Every now and then I reach a new goal and celebrate the achievement, there are still celebrations ahead!

BUT the single best thing about all this? The pain I lived with constantly before was gone when I woke up after surgery and has never returned-EVER, thank you so much for giving me my life back!