So as part of my application for physio (providing I get that far) is supplying evidence of a current first aid certificate. What could be hard about that? Everyone knows you can have a lot of fun during first aid class while learning how to save a life so I got organised and signed myself up. 16 hours of interactive role playing, goofing about and of course learning.
So Day one was ok, we spent the day learning primary response DRSABC, CPR and choking protocol along with stuff about medical conditions. So we get down on the floor ready to prove our ability on the manikins-piece of cake, or so I thought. Who would have known that kneeling down sitting on your knees leaning forwards would cause so much pain? Its the most awful position I have put my hip in since surgery and by the time the day was out I was crazy sore. I tried to put my body in a different position, kneel on other knee, stick operated leg out the back so my hip wasn't so flexed (if you can imagine that position then I guess you will be laughing about now) bend down try to give rescue breaths and start CPR, ok for the babies but certainly not on the adults-"this poor guys not going to last very long if he's relying on you to save his life" kind of thing, we were rolling around the floor in fits of laughter and in danger of failing our assessment!

Another thing I had trouble with was being put in the recovery position, my hip dosn't like internal rotation but I cant lie on that side yet either so when my partner attempted to put me in the recovery position my knee wasn't anywhere near the ground like it should be and she was worried I was going to "roll back on my back and be in danger of closing my airway and dying" (hypothetical of course) needless to say we had tons of fun!
Apart from those slight inconveniences the day went well and I was looking forward to the next weeks class!

Rule 101 - what not to do during first aid class

Try to refrain from injuring yourself during a class exercise, the actors have set up a car crash site and don't want all the fun ruined by you falling down the stairs!

Oh sorry, I think I missed that instruction and certainly didn't do it on purpose!
I have no idea how it happened, one minute I was walking into the room, the next I was sprawled at the bottom of the stairs wondering how I got there. I felt so embarrassed, it was weird as I was shaking like a leaf and couldn't talk properly and didn't dare move for fear of falling again. It was so funny because the first aid tutor was right on to me doing the whole reasurance thing (just like she had taught the weekend before) and all I wanted was to be swallowed up by the floor and disappear. One guy was concerned that I was in shock! We think I rolled my ankle on one of the stairs and it certainly feels like it but apart from that I have masses of bruises all over my hips, knees, elbow and a very sore wrist to show for my little trip. Nothing like a little more than you bargined for-luckly we had done all our assessments so I had passed the course and didn't waste all that money!


Jess said...

Look who I found! What a nightmare you've had recently. I hope you're resting up and feeling better soon. Will send you an e-mail tomorrow :-)