I have this love/hate relationship with my diary. I love it because I need it and I would be totally lost without it but at the same time I hate it because I wish I didn't need it and it is a hassle writing in it all the time!

I'm not talking about a "dear diary" no, just one of those day planners that everyday people use to organise their schedule. It just happens that mine is more than just an organiser-its my memory.
Ever since my head injury, I have a non-existant memory and have to rely on written memos to remind me to go to appointments, what and where my lectures are each day and any other important appointments and also bills, library books and birthday reminders etc. It also serves as a good place to write random things like what pain I am experiencing today, what I want to talk to someone about and to remind me to do things like vaccum my room, do my washing and watch tv!

The only problem with this system is you have to actually remember to write in it! I can hear you say "how hard can that be? When I do, it is great, although you also have to remember to look in it too. But my biggest problem is actually remembering to write in it and I don't mean I don't try, I do-but its amazingly hard. I get my diary out, find a pen and then the date and then sit there and go "what was I supposed to be writing in this....?" Sometimes I have several things I spontaneously remember I need to write and while writing the first thing I have forgotton the others. I find this so frustrating and annoying and so I go through periods of not using it. Whats the point if you don't remember to write things in the first place-what use is that, it cant remind you then, thats why I hate it. But its not the diary's fault, the poor thing tries hard, I mean it has lots of space for me to write whatever I want, it never gets lost and it holds lots random bits of paper I decide to put in it. I just wish it was able to read my mind and write things in itself, then I could never hate it-how useful that would be!