Test results

So finally the tests were done and I was waiting for the results, I hate waiting! It kills me the not knowing part, all the time you are waiting, someone knows what your results say and that someone is not you. All the time you are waiting, thoughts are spinning round your head:

What if they don’t find a labral tear?

What if it really is arthritis and there is nothing they want to do about it yet?

What if I need a hip replacement?

And my worst nightmare…what if nothing showed up - what will they think of me then?-I swear I am not making this hell up.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait long to find out, the doc rang me up to schedule an appointment-I was finally going to find out for myself.

So it goes like this, chit chat – how are you feeling today? …I'm ok thank you (anxious as hell, I just want to know what they said-cant you tell?)

Your walking is a bit better today. …I haven’t been up to much lately that’s all (please don’t decide just because I’m walking better that I'm ok cos really I'm not)

How’s everything else going since I saw you last? …Sorry? (Ok enough already, I NEED TO KNOW what my results say….NOW)

Ok then so he put me out of my misery and relieved my worries – something showed up on my MRI’s, SOMETHING SHOWED UP-I want to run and jump and scream and shout! I don’t know how to explain how I felt except immense relief and also excitement. This was the first time I had proof that there was something wrong with my hip and the necessary information to go on to the next step what ever that was going to be.

At this point all I was told (and shown on my films which was kinda neat) was a labral tear in my hip, apparently an unusual diagnosis as not many doctors are aware of this pathology in this point in time, never mind my fantastic physio had already come to that conclusion! He explained the anatomy of the hip detailing what the labrum and capsule etc was (needless to say I have since found out through my anatomy lecturer he was slighty wrong but never mind, he tried).

Next step was to be referred to an ortho surgeon who specialised in…yup you guessed it – labral tears in the hip!