Yay for people who can realise when its a good time to take over. I spent quite some time on the presentation last night and this morning, its all set just to have the other's research added and then be referenced accordingly. We got together tonight and I was expecting people to have their contribution all ready to just add but it wasn't that simple. Luckily one of them offered to take over as he could clearly see I was struggling to even talk by that point. He is now collecting the remaining data and will add it to the powerpoint poster ready for us to give it a final look over in the morning and hand in by email. One of the others has now taken over writing the script for the presentation too, he's taken my skeleton idea and sounds like he has great plans for it, its going to be quite fun!

I am still feeling particularly unwell and washed out. During a lecture this afternoon I ended up laying down because I thought I was going to pass out. A friend made sure I made it out afterward and left me resting after convincing me that missing the next tutorial was what I NEEDED to do, and suffering though it (or making a spectacle of myself in it) was unecessary. I rested for the 2 hours and then dazed through the last lecture of the day before our group meeting tonight.

I found out that because I missed the Pathology mid term last week I am most likely going to have to sit special exams beginning of next year but we will see. I have to meet up with the associate dean again now due to my time off and hopefully we can sort out the mess I am in. If I was a bit behind before, now I am so behind I dont want to think about it and semester exams are just around the corner.

I'm going to bed, I am so so tired and its early morning starts every day of the week this semester. I hope others are feeling better than I do just now.


Tough Cookie said...

Good for you for resting when you needed too. That is a very smart woman :-) From one RSD grad student to another...Isn't it soooo annoying having all these meetings??? Sometimes, I just don't want to talk about it anymore!!!!! I have to call to set another one up today. I'm honestly just tired of it. B;eh.

I love you, sweety. You are doing me proud :-)

Anonymous said...

Just keep swimming,
just keep swimming,
Swimming, swmming, swimming!!!

Hand over the reigns and sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

Love you Butterfly.
You CAN do it!!!

Lisa Moon said...

Keep breathing and CONGRATULATIONS for choosing what your body NEEDED - rest! That is SO hard for us to do but is, as Maria points out, a very smart thing to do. :)

I agree, too, that those meetings must be tiring and frustrating, but you deserve to make sure your education is delivered equitably; not equally, mind you! Get what you need and USE IT!

Love you and also very proud of you! ;)
Hugs hugs hugs,