I'm talking to my Mum on the phone and its getting late. I need to find out what the time is so I look for my cellphone (its my clock...). Its not on my bed, its not beside me on the table where I usually put it, I shift my laptop to see if its under it, I shift the notes on my bed to see if the phone is under them. I get up off my bed to see if I was sitting on it or if it got under the duvet. I'm frantically looking on the floor and everywhere for it because I rely on my cellphone for a lot of things, and I still cant find it anywhere. My Mum tells me the time (I'm still on the phone to her) and I look in the mirror...


She laughs and says she thought I was on it.

How crazy is that? Seriously, my brain is not working well at all


Lisa Moon said...

Yes, you're special, but not as you're implying!

Cute story, though. :)

I usually do that with things like, oh, sunglasses on the top of my head, etc. Yep, we've all done it.

Anonymous said...

Its okay Butterfly,
I found the toaster in the fridge on friday, asked which half wit did that, and prompty realised the answer was ME!!!
Yes I'm a half wit, a sleep deprived, drug addled half wit and proud of it!!!