We are having a proper summer just now with temps up in the 30s Celsius. I am the first to say I don't like the cold but my previous tolerance for the heat seems to have disappeared too.

My bedroom is upstairs, and faces a direction that means thus far I have failed to keep it cooler in any way, in fact it seems to be the hottest room in the house :(
Not very helpful when it comes to resting up or trying to sleep, even at night as it doesn't cool down much either.

It is just too hot for me, my foot feels like it is so swollen that my skin could explode (it doesn't look swollen though so that is ok) and doesn't help the burning pain. I'm cranky from pain and lack of sleep and just wish I could stop hurting for just a little bit, I'm tired of all this...I'm hoping that this weather doesn't last too much longer as a few cool days would be appreciated-not just by me but I think a few people!


Tough Cookie said...

Positive thoughts, my love! Fill your head, heart, and soul with them. It will make a huge difference! I am thinking of you in your journey to self-discovery and wellness. How are things going?

Tough Cookie said...

I'm so so so glad you went to the wedding!!! Socializing is really really important for people like us. Isolating can be very depressing, and it is important to avoid that as much as possible. I love my alone time, but it can cross a line and start becoming sad..

Lisa Moon said...

UGH! I hate that feeling, when your foot/leg is gonna explode maybe... but mine never looks very swollen, despite the feeling! Weird! I find elevating my foot helps that feeling, but it's hard to just sit around sometimes when there's things to be done!
Maybe you'll be inspired to move back to your smaller, but cooler and closer to the loo bedroom? Tough choice to have space versus accessibility and temperature!
Do you have an electric fan to cool you? Remember to drink a TON of water; it's very easy to get dehydrated in those temps... and I believe any medications you might take also increase those risks.
Sorry for too much info, but a good gauge is your pee should be very light to clear coloured, lol!
Wishing you cooler days, or at least nights! :)

Alessea said...

My brain is frying, hard to think positive like that but I'm keeping busy which takes your mind of things.

I'm also glad I went to the wedding, I would have regretted it if I hadn't but it did take a lot of working up to.

I'm drinking loads Lisa lol. Thats all I seem to do and my Mum is worrying cos I'm not making the effort to eat, so now I have to 'check in' and she jokingly said that I am not allowed to leave the house till she knows I have eaten. But seriously I am trying to do my best, just taking the day as it comes.

I have just borrowed a home job fan from my brother, at least it blows air-even if its hot.