So I’ve been tagged, huh-sorry was I playing tag? You know I cant run, how is this fair? you didn’t give me long enough to get away…lol.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

I am the kind of person who usually cant be bothered with this type of thing. I don’t go much for those forward emails and such although some I do actually forward to select people myself (if they really do engage me).
But I found this interesting, I was curious as to what I would actually put as my 25 things and whether it would be hard to do so I gave it a go.

I’m not going to “tag” others though…if anyone wants to have a go feel free and join in the fun but I’m not about to force people or make them feel obliged.

*I’m not sure I even know 25 people to tag anyway lol!

Ok so 25 random strange things you may or may not want to know about me (in no particular order)…

1- My Dad thought I was a boy when I was born…the midwife knew otherwise and shoved my baby parts in my Mothers face to double check (although I’m sure she wished I was a boy over the years, all the trouble I have caused).

2- I was awarded “Most improved player of the season” at our Tennis club when I was 10, the second person to get this Memorial cup

3-I sort of saved my whole family and our house to some degree the morning of Christmas Eve 2001, when we had a house fire and I was the first to wake up (remember to put shoes on if nothing else if you are ever in this situation).

3-I was home schooled since I was 12, I don’t have any high school qualifications but I am a bright cookie (getting into physio school proved that)

4-I have 5 brothers, 2 older and 3 younger…one (older) who has special needs, both physically and mentally

5-I love to wear dresses and skirts and look pretty but when I was growing up I was more of a tomboy

6-I do things to please others, though I am learning that I actually come first…

7-I’m almost 24 and I have never been kissed by a boy (how sad is that!)

8-I am a cry baby, very emotional…I remember crying when I first watched the ugly duckling at age 4

9- I feel other people’s emotions very keenly, so much so that they can make me feel very sick and I wonder how other people don’t seem to notice anything

10- I have never dyed my hair (my cousin put in highlights once but I don’t think that counts)

11- I have had self esteem issues ever since my first day at primary school when I was bullied

12- I’ve had hip preservation surgery that basically enabled me to walk again (and gave me a cool scar and some screws)

13- I sung solo in a primary school production (was one of the lead parts too) but I have lost my ability to sing now, due to meds I think

14- I am still quite proud of my boss’s speech at my leaving presentation (my first ever job, worked in a law office for almost 2 years). He had pulled out my CV covering letter and read out how I had described myself when I had applied for the job and said that it was all true and more. I felt so appreciated in that moment.

15- I am Catholic and probably rather traditional at that, but it’s my religion and I don’t force my beliefs on anyone else so I’d like people to respect mine

16- I am a bit of a Winnie the Pooh fan…duvet, calendars, soft toys, stickers, stationery, clothing, jewellery…you get the picture lol

17- I still have a balloon I was given the day before my 5th birthday (its one of those fancy foil ones but still, that’s almost 19 years ago)

18- I was the first (after my Mum and Dad) to hold my 2 month prem baby brother, he was so little and connected to lots of machines that it was rather scary!

19- I have never been drunk, ever (I hate vodka, wine, beer etc which doesn’t help but I love chocolate :)

20- I go crazy over post-it notes, I have all sorts of different ones for different purposes

21- I slept under the table at my best friend’s graduation dinner, the poor waiter got such a fright when he saw me (so I got told)

22- I still only have my learner’s car licence (you can get this when you are 15) and I don’t drive-though I’m supposed to be starting to practice again sometime soon

23- I could never get my single leg spins on the ice quite right, used to have perpetual bruises on my knees because of it.

24- I am a perfectionist, this is a not so helpful trait

25-and last but not least-I have an inner strength building condition called CRPS, it turns your world upside down and sets a life long challenge, making the levels harder at will. I like to believe that I can win it over and get to the finish but know I need my friends to help me get there


Lisa Moon said...

Yay! Very well done, Felicia! Thanks for accepting my 'challenge'.
As I believe I mentioned, it's the first time anyone has ever done this to me via a blog and I, too, wondered about naming people to participate.
I also dislike those chain-y letters and never send them on, even if I shall 'die at midnight' or whatever...
BUT I have to say, this one has revealed some interesting and humourous and touching things about fellow bloggers, so I have to say I've quite enjoyed reading your responses and those of others I named.

Thanks for being a sport and giving it a try. :)

I think you're super-awesome and am so glad we're friends. :D


Caf said...

Hi Felicia,
Oh you are definitely awesome enough to be my audience! I'm glad you found me - I'm about to redesign my blog with a separate links page for blogs and websites related to RSD, do you mind if I include a link to yours? If you are interested in sending me short, bout 50 word, blurb to go with the link, that would be ace also. Feel free to drop me an email :)
Hope you are having one of the better weeks!

Tough Cookie said...

Hey, love! I got the tests through my alternative medicine doctor. With my families help, we took the plunge and jumped in with both feet. It's very expensive...that's the only downfall, because insurance usually doesn't cover it :-/ I don't know how they do it by you, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!
We are so far apart, but after just visiting your blog and knowing what I've been posting on mine...GOOD GRIEF! Are we on the same wave length or WHAT!? Just days ago started adding things about myself, too!!!
And, your tips post...I was reading some of my yoga journals and some really awesome things struck me that I was going to post...this is getting really weird, all these commonalities with our blogs!!!
Cool, but weird! =)