I have always wanted to do ballet but we never had the money when I was growing up so it never happened. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said I should find out about adult beginner classes and just see if it might be possible so I did as she suggested.

I got some information back and it may be affordable, just need to do some working out.

But here is the crunch…I told my Mum.

Her first thought was “what makes you think you will be able to do ballet?”

…my reply “what makes you think I can’t?” (I didn’t actually say this out loud, instead I defended myself by saying all the things I still do, so why cant I just give ballet a go?...)

Ok so I may get there and it may be too much but how do I know if I don’t try? I’m not about to give up a childhood dream just because ‘I may not be able to do it’…when did I turn into that person? I don’t expect to be doing point or making it my career, I don’t even know if I will ever look graceful I just want to give it a go and have some fun in the process…

I just find it interesting that’s all, how different people think along different paths, it never occurred to me to think that maybe I wouldn’t be able to, I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could.


RSDsux said...

Hi Felicia,

I really admire you for not letting RSD get in the way of your life - you're an inspiration and it's a shame many other people don't think the same way!!

I really hope all goes well with the Ballet Dancing but just remember to listen to your body and if it hurts too much, please stop and don't ever feel guilty if it doesn't go too well ... it isn't your fault at all and you deserve a lot of credit for at least giving it a try ((hugs))!!!

Please let us know if you decide to go ahead with the Ballet and how it goes for you!

Thinking about you and hoping you're OK!

Lisa Moon said...

Good for you for not letting yourself think in limiting terms.

Why not try it? At physio you're expected to do all sorts of painful exercises in the name of healing... or at least remedying some damage done. Why can't this be good, too?

You can try and you will soon know if it's something you can manage. Who knows, maybe you can modify things a big to allow yourself to participate?!

Good luck and do let us know how it goes!

SHC said...

Hey girlie,
I was reading some of your previous posts (that I missed due too my crazy life!) and saw this one. How funny! Not funny that you want to try ballet, but funny because as OLD as I am and with the ortho issues I've had/surgeries I've endured...I, myself, have been considering giving it ago also!!!

I did ballet and tap for a short while as a child, but needless to say...as the youngest of 11 children we didn't have the money either (and I lacked much confidence in myself anyways).

When we lived in Hawaii, I SO wanted to do hula, but with my pain and ortho issues it wasn't happening. Then, I REALLY wanted to give belly dancing a try! Well, the "snap and pop" of it seemed to be a bit much than my hips could handle (although, it was what got me to finally start moving my hips again in non-robotic ways...which was AWESOME!).

Now, I figured trying ballet again, as a grown adult, would be gentle and help strengthen all thos underlying soft tissue structures that haven't been able to function properly in oh, so long. I've already been doing yoga and added in some pilates (although some things are rather challenging with a weak psoas from my tenotomy), but I thought ballet would be a nice compliment to them, balancing things out quite well. And, it can be gentle on the body.

So I say TRY. If you can't do the classes (due to cost or scheduling) there are numerous DVD's you can try. That's what I am thinking of doing once I get moving forward from last week's latest hip surgery.

Anyway...once again, your thoughts and mine seem to oddly be in line with one another! eek! lol