Hair done up nicely
Healthy looking face (created by natural looking makeup to hide the deathly pale face and exhausted looking eyes)
Nice jewellery
Pretty cream dress with roses and sweet little top to go with it
A spray of scent (Crabtree and Evelyn-Freesia)
…black trainers, but as soon as we were in the Church, the trainers came off and white ankle socks were left on.

I went to the wedding and I’m glad I did.

For weeks I have been trying to dream up excuses as to why I wouldn’t go…I don’t have anyone to go with… I don’t drive so I cant get there…I don’t know if I will know anybody else there…then I thought hell, stop being pathetic and just go (in the end I actually got to go with my bestest friends mother so I wasn’t alone, nor did I have no transport or not know anybody else there but I had made up my mind before all that).

She was beautiful, her dress was a dream, she radiated with happiness. It was amazing but I felt like crying as it made me wonder if I would ever get my fairytale wedding-I pushed that thought out of my head, this was her day and I was truly happy for her, it wasn’t about me.

May the promise you made each other last forever and may you be blessed with a long loving life together, growing closer with each passing day.


Lisa Moon said...

I'm so proud of you for going!

I know all too well that reasoning away line of thinking about why we shouldn't go do something... I think it's easy to fall into for us and something we must make a conscious effort to do - keep socialising, keep doing THINGS like we would do if we didn't have this blasted condition!

Sitting around making excuses will just make us feel worse. I know, I'm guilty of doing it, too. And I am making the effort to make plans and keep them. I hope you will, too. :)