If this is what its like with the lignocaine, I hate to think how it feels straight.

I saw my pain specialist on Saturday and he prescribed a strong pain med-tramadol SR, plus lignocaine gel and Capsaicin cream. I was having a bad day and couldn’t bear him touching me and I felt really bad about it, I was trying so hard not to cry in front of him that I didn’t speak much at all really. I think he guessed that I was in pretty bad pain even though I didn’t say and they also called my physio to talk to her while I was there. He gave me the option of having a peripheral nerve block as well but I am thinking about this before I decide whether to or not to go ahead with it. He offered to do it then and there, but he was running late and I didn’t know what to decide so I chickened out. He has told me just to give them a call before the 10th of Dec if I decide to go ahead and they will fit me in. Now that I know where he will probably inject I can think about it better but I am going to talk to my physio tomorrow and get her opinion to help me decide.

Today I filled the rest of the prescription (got the tramadol on Saturday afternoon but they had to get the creams in). I was instructed to use the lignocaine gel and then the Capsaicin cream on the area that is most sensitive and painful, but to make sure I put the lignocaine on first. Well tonight I got up the courage to try it out, I liberally applied the lignocaine gel, testing to see if I could feel much and then added a bit more just for luck. Then I sparingly applied the capsaicin cream to the same area-not long after the burn started…hmmm so this is going to be interesting. I’m supposed to do this twice a day so I hope it gets better the more you apply it.


Lisa Moon said...

Glad to hear the tramadol is good for you, too; it's been such a relief in my life.

I'll be interested to hear how the capsaicin works for you. Also, I wonder about the lignocaine? I've heard of lidocaine; is that the same, or something similar? I never know if there's differences in other countries, but so often there are and it can get confusing.

Thinking of you.


Alessea said...

Lignocaine/lidocaine/xylocaine all the same thing. It is interesting how there are different names for drugs around the world.

I'll keep you posted about how everything works and thanks for thinking of me :)