I got asked the other day if I was home on break or home because of the break lol! Technically I'm home on break but if it hadn't conveniently been a scheduled uni break I may have had to take time off anyway.
The OT has been persistent in reminding that the shaken brain deserves time to heal and that not giving it what it needs now may come back and bite me in the back so to speak.
Also with all the things going on with me recently I was told (rather bluntly) that if I dont take care of myself just now I am going to crash and be back here next year redoing the whole year again. And as my disability support lady said to me I've been through a lot in the last 2 years that to crash and fu*k up in the last 6 weeks of this year is not something she is going to let happen. Ummm so I think I heard that message loud and clear lol.

Wrist is confirmed as a definite fracture, and a total of 6 weeks casted is required-not a happy thought and currently driving me insane. I got a bright pink one cos its girly and I can scare people :) so far though, most people like it!

I cant write, cant cut things with a knife, cant wash, rinse properly or put my hair up. Its just completely awkward, dont get me wrong I'm not complaining but its certainly creating a lot of situations where I have to work out a way to get around the immobilised wrist. Also means I cant ride my scooter to uni so now I have to get up earlier in order to catch a bus into town and am at the mercy of their timetables. Last week I waited over an hour (in the dark sitting on the pavement) for a bus to get me home and still have to walk a couple of blocks before I am truly home. Its just so much more exhausting and I am going to have to do this for at least a month if not more. It also costs a lot more than petrol too, $25/week rather than $5-6/week.

The mirror is coming out daily, its the only thing that helps with the uncomfortable pain that has come with the new cast. At times all I want to do is rip it off!But for now I'm enjoying my week off, catching up on sleep, getting over a bad cold, relaxing, seeing friends and just being lazy...as well as working on my eating plan.


Anonymous said...

Hey you, Beautiful Lady!!
Love the PINK!!!

Finally got some unsuspecting sucker/ kind hearted visitor to vaccume for me!

Started new med this morning.
Have to keep reminding myself not to overdo things, have gone from sleeping all day and all night to not sleeping at all...

Apparently the other meds were helping the sleep situation and in 48 hours have gone back to stage one.

Can't we ever win?

GP noticed that I am still a little gingerly carrying the good leg and is considering getting the back and hip looked at again.
I'd just like to be left alone for a while... Say, a week?

I thankfully had appointment today postponed til tomorrow so I have had the day at home to do MORE nothing...
Trying not to overstimulate healing brain...
But getting really really REALLY good at doing NOTHING!!!

Lap up your mum,
Week is almost half over aleady and then we will both work on K's comments bout the last 6 weeks!

Together we will get there.

Love you Butterfly

Caf said...

How frustrating!! Good on you for trekking through...never nice to be at the mercy of public transport ;P
Good luck for healing! Hope the time doesn't drag too slowly xx