That is a quote from a text Jo sent me yesterday...CRPS has certainly had the upper hand this week, but have we given up? I think not!

Poor Jo had a nasty fall on Tuesday afternoon and I am still worried about whether she did some serious damage to her back when she fell on the concrete but I am hoping that it will settle down soon as long as she takes it easy. She didn't have a nice time in ED which is worrying when they do not take someone in pain seriously. Please say a few prayers that she will bounce back to feeling better really soon. I feel bad cos I would like to be able to help her out and make things easier for her but I cant.

Another of our friends (who also has crps) is having a rough time at work and it is not helping the situation. I think by Friday it became too much to handle so a few prayers for her would also be much appreciated. That her work situation settles down soon and that things are made easier to handle for her. Its bad enough the stress of working full time without people having personal vendettas against you.

And as for me, I followed in Jo's footsteps.
I had a fight with a judder bar (speed bump or whatever you call them) on a down hill driveway. It won...
Apparently I looked like I was doing a stunt double or something. I was walking down the driveway to the entrance of the rest home where I was on clinical placement and lost sense of my leg and tripped over the judder bar and fell down the bank thing. Lost consciousness for a minute or so. Apparently I was not keen to go to hospital but the RN who was checking me over decided it was necessary. I spent more than the minimum observation time because I was still pretty out of it 4 hours later so I was told. My dr and nurse were absolutely lovely though, it makes being in hospital so much nicer when you are treated well. I have holes in my very expensive clinical trousers, plenty of bruises and a few scrapes, concussion and apparently fractured the distal styloid process of the radius on my dominant hand.
Now the dr did say that she thought she could see 2 cracks in it so I'm hoping that when I go to my fracture clinic appointment that they will say it was all a mistake and not fractured afterall-I can always hope right?

I got rung up by the Occupational Therapist yesterday, she is concerned because I have concussion symptoms and am not taking time off. I dont have time to just now because I have a presentation to do on Monday etc, but I am going to have to monitor how I'm feeling and might just have to do as I'm told. She made some good points that if I push through things now and dont let my brain heal that I will make things worse and wont be able to do anything and be out of action longer. I am taking it a bit easy this weekend hoping that will be enough...


Anonymous said...

So, Yes,
CRPS won this week,
but it better look out because I'm "not happy" now (Jo is using polite terms)and am about to open a HUGE can or whip ass on CRPS....
Be warned,
I am about to fight back,
Big time!!!
I'm a fighter at the best of times,
I got my gloves off and I'm in psycho killer mode...

Butterfly is the sweetest person on the planet,

The other friend we have is pretty cool in her own individual manner,

We have had a rough week....

Must be something in the Dunedin water!!!

So Look out world, here we come!!!!

Bless You Butterfly

Tough Cookie said...

Oh love bug! I am so sorry! I know that feeling where all of a sudden your leg gives out from under you... something with the nerves. I guess. It's really odd, but never given me another injury. This is a really important time for you to eat well because you will heal soooooooooo much more quickly. I was off crutches in 2 weeks with a surgery over the joint in my ankle because I ate a serious, healthy, healing diet. It really works.

Caf said...

Oh you poor little duffa!! I'm wading through my own setback with the whole TMJ jaw dislocation that happened the day i left pain rehab (we are just the LUCKIEST!). Hope it heals quickly and doesn't hold you back, we are stronger than these minor setbacks! *motivates self* ;)

Anonymous said...

AND right NOW you have to look after you FIRST.

Call you soon


Hua said...

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