Saturday was a great day for me, I got to see a pain specialist who knows about CRPS/RSD and is up to date with treatments. I have so many people to thank that this occurred - thank you everybody!
I am so relieved about it all, I was beginning to think I would never find a doc here in this country who knew anything to help me and that I would drive myself crazy with this condition.

I spent over 1 and a half hours with him (sorry to the person who had to wait) and feel like I am in such good hands. He has altered my meds by adding new ones and slightly lowering my gabapentin dosage. He hopes to lower it more as we get my pain more under control.

They sounded horrified by many of the things I said about what doctors said in response to me seeking help before. They said they try their best to educate people by doing seminars and things, I understand though, its hard for everybody to know everything and this is not a well known thing.
I have a feeling that a few people are going to learn about it through me, I want to make sure my class at physio school are all introduced to it during their training, physio's are often the first to see people and if they know about it then maybe others wont have to wait as long as me to get proper treatment.

We are getting my new meds today (the pharmacy had run out lol) and I have an appointment with a physio who specialises in chronic pain and CRPS. Is it bad to feel excited about this? I'm so excited that this may be the beginning of things getting much better, they said that this is just the beginning, we have so many things to try and they really think that I will get better!

They reminded me though that there is a fine line between doing enough and doing too much. I know I push myself a lot but physio school requires that, I can't change it but maybe I can change the way I do somethings to be easier on my body.

I am going to beat this thing, I am going to put my heart and soul into everything they suggest because I have got my determination back, I have just remembered I am a fighter!


Tough Cookie said...

I am so happy for you! This is just what you need! Remember that there are always ways around doing things that make it easier for us. Don't be afraid to ask to sit down more often, etc... just because you are in school doesn't mean you have to suffer. Good luck!